Sponsoring Our Programs

Your sponsorship support allows us to continue to re-invest in making our future programs even better by expanding the service we can offer our mentees and ensuring they get even more out of the program.

Sponsorships also allow us the ability to offer scholarship places to mentees who would otherwise be unable to participate. 

​We are always looking for relevant charitable partners relating to all diversity and inclusion initiatives, so if you are a charity or not for profit who would like to work with us, or you know of one, please get in touch!

If you are interested in finding out how you can become a program sponsor contact us for a copy of the prospectus!
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1      Visible Exposure
Being a sponsor of the Pride Professionals mentoring program demonstrates to your current and potential stakeholders that your organisation is prioritising diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and the development of all employees.
2      Employee Engagement
You will be able to promote your sponsorship support internally to demonstrate your dedication to your LGBTQ+ employees, as well as nominating one or more to receive automatic inclusion to take part in this years program.
3      Recognition
In return for your sponsorship you will be recognised throughout the duration of the program at all events and through our social media and other marketing activities.
4      Community Engagement
Your sponsorship will allow you the opportunity to meet like minded members of the WA business community, opening the door for potential partnerships, collaboration and attraction of talent.
  • 2023 Perth Gold Sponsors

  • 2024 Brisbane Gold Sponsors

  • 2023 Perth Silver Sponsors

  • 2023 Perth Event Sponsors

  • 2024 Brisbane Event Sponsors

  • 2023 Perth Scholarship Sponsors

  • 2023 Perth Program Partner

  • 2023 Perth Charity Partner

  • 2024 Brisbane Charity Partner

Sponsor Commitment

​It is important to us that our sponsors align with the values of the Pride Professionals mentoring program and promote their commitment through more than only program participation.

In making the below commitment you create a positive working environment and strengthen your reputation as an inclusive employer of choice and leader in your industry.
​We will demonstrate our support for our LGBTQ+ employees through a broader commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse working environment with a culture of psychological safety, where each of our employees, regardless of their gender and/or sexuality feels that they can bring their whole self to work. We will visibly demonstrate this commitment by:
  • Guaranteeing adequate representation from our leadership level will be present at the four Pride Professionals program events

  • Our participation in at least two of the quarterly Pride Professionals industry inclusion and diversity round table discussions

  • Ensuring that our internal processes and policies underpin this commitment and facilitate an inclusive and diverse working environment

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